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New to MelodyVR?

  • What is MelodyVR?

    MelodyVR is a virtual reality platform that let’s you stand on stage at sold out shows through your VR headset or mobile.

    Experience live music like never before, with some of the biggest artists in the world – Bebe Rexha, Post Malone, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, to artists making cultural waves – Mabel, Sigrid, Rudimental and Ghetts, and music icons like KISS, The Who, Kelly Clarkson, Jamiroquai or Blake Shelton – all available at your fingertips.

    We are available in full Virtual Reality on our Oculus app and you can find us on mobile on Google Play and the App Store.

    What kind of experiences are in the app?

    There are a few different types of experience for you to explore:

    Shows – Transport yourself to festivals, concert venues and dancefloors worldwide.
    Originals – Discover exclusive, only-in-VR experiences and interactive worlds.
    Journeys – Pick a theme, genre or mood and skip from stage to stage in one of our specially curated playlists.

    Can I move around? What are Jump Spots?

    With MelodyVR, you’re completely in control!

    You can choose what you see and where you stand in a venue by selecting a Jump Spot – so you can be down the front, deep in the crowd, or even up with the band onstage.

Getting started

  • Why isn’t my MelodyVR working?

    If your app’s not behaving as expected, don’t worry, there’s a couple of steps you can try to get things working again.

    If you’re on Mobile, try these:

    • Restart the app Log in and back out
    • Head to settings, select ‘Clear app settings’ and then log back into the app
    • Reinstall the app

    If you’re watching on a VR headset, try:

    • Restart the device
    • Reinstall the app
    • Disconnect from WiFi and then rejoin (this can help when seeing ‘something went wrong, please try again’ error message)

    If these don’t work, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form.

    How do I get MelodyVR?

    To start watching performances on mobile just head to the App Store for Apple devices or Google Play if you’re on Android.

    If you’re using an Oculus Go, Quest or Samsung Gear VR head to the Oculus Store.

    Where is MelodyVR available?

    You can access MelodyVR in the UK, USA, Ireland, France, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Spain, Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Greece and Belgium!

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    How much does it cost to use MelodyVR?

    It’s completely free to download MelodyVR! Be sure to check out our line-up of free content, from secret sessions, to rooftop performances and guided tours from the artists themselves.

    Individual songs, whole Shows, Live performances, Originals, and our curated Journeys are also available to buy in the app.

    How can I see if my favourite artist is available in MelodyVR?

    To see our great line-up of artists, and browse all the performances available, simply download the MelodyVR app.

    Can’t find your favourite artist? Drop us a message on Twitter and Instagram to let us know and give us a follow to be first to hear when we’ve new shows go live.

The mobile app

  • What’s the difference between VR mode and watching on my phone?

    As the performance plays, you can watch the show come alive in immersive 360 video, turning your device or dragging your finger to move around within the video.

    You can dive even deeper into the experience, by opting into VR Mode and casting 360 video to your mobile compatible headset.

    With a mobile viewer such as Destek, Merge VR or Google Cardboard, you can turn 360 degree video into an even more immersive virtual reality experience – whichever you choose, remember that MelodyVR works best with headphones!

    Do I need a mobile VR headset?

    Our mobile ready app offers totally immersive 360-degree content – so you don’t need a VR viewer.

    If you want the option to delve deeper into the experience, you can purchase a mobile viewer to enter even further into the 360 show experience, or download our full Virtual Reality app on your Oculus Quest, Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR for the most immersive VR experience.

    Where can I get a viewer?

    Destek, Merge VR and Google Cardboard are all well-known brands that work with most phones and are not very expensive. Search online or Amazon to find them.

O2 Customers

  • How do I know my voucher code has worked and my subscription is active?

    Once you have redeemed your voucher code in the library section on the MelodyVR app, you will see a confirmation message and be given access full access to MelodyVR’s catalogue.

    What is included in my O2 MelodyVR subscription?

    Access to all MelodyVR library content is included. That’s all recorded shows, Original performances and Journeys available in the app, except for Live shows (these are pay per view).


  • How do I get in touch?

    If you have questions, comments or feedback; or you want to tell us about an artist you’d love to see in virtual reality, we want to hear from you.

    To get in touch, you can use the contact page to send us an email or send us a message on Facebook.

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