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Using MelodyVR

  • What is MelodyVR?

    MelodyVR is an immersive live music app that lets you experience incredible performances from global stars and exciting new talent. With MelodyVR, exclusive shows, legendary festivals and unique sessions are at your fingertips – putting you at the heart of the action. 

    There’s so much to discover on MelodyVR:

    • Shows: transport yourself to festivals, concert venues and dancefloors worldwide
    • Originals: step inside unique, interactive musical worlds
    • Journeys: pick a theme, genre or mood and skip from stage to stage in one of our specially curated playlists.

    How do I get MelodyVR?

    To start watching performances on your smartphone, just head to the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play if you are on Android.

    If you’re using an Oculus Go, Quest or Samsung Gear VR, head to the Oculus Store.

    Where is MelodyVR available?

    You can enjoy MelodyVR in the UK, USA, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

    Can I move around? What are Jump Spots?

    MelodyVR puts you in complete control of how you experience your favorite artists. 

    All of the performances we record are filmed using 360° cameras, which means you can move your mobile or your VR headset around to look at whatever you want –  or sit back and control the camera with your finger on your smartphone.

    You can also choose where you stand by selecting a Jump Spot – a different viewing position – so you can be down the front, deep in the crowd, or even up with the band on stage.

    Look out for the ‘Director’s Cut’, which automatically jumps between cameras to give you the best shots of the action.

Ticketed Events

  • Buying Tickets

    You can purchase tickets through Universe / Ticketmaster by following these steps:

    1. head to Ticketmaster
    2. find the MelodyVR show you want to watch (i.e. Tom Grennan)
    3. click the ‘Get Tickets’ button and complete your purchase

    After purchasing your ticket, you will receive a unique code and simple instructions for joining the stream by email.
    This will arrive in your inbox closer to the date of the performance.

    You can also buy directly via the MelodyVR app. Tickets for live events via MelodyVR may be more expensive than those purchased via Universe. This is due to the 30% commission charged by the app stores.

    Redeeming your unique code

    Once your unique code arrives by email, just follow these steps and you’ll be all set:

    1. copy the unique code
    2. go to and enter the code
    3. download the MelodyVR app and sign into your account
    4. you’re good to go!

    You’re ready! Head to the show page on the MelodyVR smartphone app at the time of the gig to watch 🎵

    Can I cast or screenshare the MelodyVR app to my TV?

    There are a few options to cast or screen share from devices that MelodyVR supports. You can find instruction on how to do so here:

    How do I redeem my ticket on my Oculus?

    As the Oculus and iOS/Android app stores are separate, we have to perform a little magic to link purchases across the two devices. To do so, please follow these steps:

    1. on the MelodyVR phone app, head to the settings menu
    2. scroll down to the ‘Oculus’ section and click ‘Get a code’
    3. on the MelodyVR Oculus app, head to the redeem code option in the bottom right corner of the home screen
    4. enter your code and click ‘Redeem’

    You’re all set! When the show is due to start, go to the Oculus app to watch the performance 🙂

    Can I watch the show another time?

    All ticketed events are brought to you live at a specific time. The shows are not rebroadcast after they have finished, so make sure you’re ready to go at showtime!

    Where can I watch the show?

    All shows can be experienced on Android, iOS and Oculus Go/Oculus Quest devices.

    Some older phone devices may not work with the MelodyVR app. If you want to check if your device can play back our 360° content, try downloading the app and watching one of our free shows.

    MelodyVR is available in the UK, USA, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. 

    Payment troubleshooting

    All tickets bought through the MelodyVR app are ‘in-app’ purchases and your payment will be taken with the credit/debit card associated with your device.

    If you’re having trouble buying a ticket on your phone, it’s worth checking if your card details are correct in your settings. If you’re still having difficulty, try unlinking your card details in the settings menu and re-adding them to ensure they’re accurate. 

    If you’ve bought a ticket through Universe, we recommend going to the Universe Help Center here.

Accounts and Payments

  • How can I buy a show on the MelodyVR app?

    Just follow these steps:

    1. find the show you want to watch
    2. click ‘Buy Show’ – the cost is displayed here too
    3. enjoy the music 🎵

    All purchases on MelodyVR are in-app payments that are linked to the credit/debit card details you have set up on your device.

    You can find a receipt for any of your purchases on your device’s purchase history:

    How do I sign out of my account?

    On the MelodyVR phone app:

    1. head to settings
    2. scroll to the ‘Account’ section
    3. click ‘sign out’

    As the mobile app and oculus app stores are separate, we have to perform a little magic to link purchases across the two devices. To do so, just follow these steps:

    1. On the MelodyVR mobile app, head to the settings menu
    2. Scroll down to the ‘Oculus’ section and click ‘Get a code’
    3. On the MelodyVR Oculus app, head to the redeem code option in the bottom right corner of the home screen
    4. Enter your code and click ‘Redeem’

    You’re done! Your accounts should now be linked and you’ll see your purchases on each device. Additionally, any future purchases you make will also appear on both devices.


  • Why am I seeing a ‘400 error’ code?

    If you’re seeing a ‘400 error’, it means that MelodyVR is not available in the country you’re currently based in.

    If you’ve installed the app in a country where we’re available and then visit another country where we are not, you may see this pop up during your stay.

    Why can’t I find my purchases?

    To restore your purchases on the MelodyVR smartphone app, head to your library and click the ‘Restore Purchases’ button.

    If they still aren’t showing in your library, it’s worth checking if you’re logged into the correct account. There are several login options including email, Apple ID and Facebook so it’s worth trying these to find the right account.

    Troubleshooting tips

    If your app’s not behaving as expected, don’t worry. Try this to get things working again.

    If you’re on smartphone:

    • restart the app, log in and back out
    • head to your settings, select ‘Clear app settings’ and then log back into the MelodyVR app
    • reinstall the app

    If you’re watching on a VR headset:

    • restart the device
    • reinstall the MelodyVR app
    • disconnect from WiFi and then rejoin (this can help when seeing a ‘something went wrong, please try again’ error message).
    • make sure your Oculus headset is up to date. You can check for updates in the ‘About’ section in settings.

    If the tips above don’t help, it’s best to check your internet connection speed. The recommended speed for the best performance is 12-15mbps.


  • What’s included in my O2 MelodyVR subscription?

    Access to all MelodyVR library content is included. That’s all recorded shows, Original performances and Journeys available in the app – except for Ticketed Events, which are pay per view


  • How do I get in touch?

    If you have questions, comments or feedback, or you want to tell us about an artist you’d love to see on the app, we’d love to hear from you!

    To get in touch, you can use the contact page to send us an email or send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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