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MelodyVR announces a global partnership with Microsoft

MelodyVR and Microsoft will collaborate to launch the MelodyVR app across all Windows Mixed Reality devices

We’ve announced an exciting new global partnership with Microsoft, the world’s largest software company. The agreement will see us launch the MelodyVR app across their full range of Windows Mixed Reality headsets and devices, with the tech giant providing funding and expertise to support the collaboration.

Our new relationship will also see MelodyVR platform promoted in the Windows Mixed Reality Store; as well as at Microsoft events; in retail stores and demo experiences; in advertising campaigns; on windows.com; and to their social media and email communities.

“The VR/AR device market continues to develop at an exponential rate. With Microsoft entering the marketplace – alongside other global technology companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google, HTC, Samsung and Sony – we remain extremely confident in the mainstream adoption of virtual reality technology, as well as in the long-term success of our hardware-agnostic virtual reality music platform and original content strategy.”

Anthony Matchett – CEO