MelodyVR transport fans to the White Isle, in partnership with Ibiza Rocks

From today, in partnership with MelodyVR music fans can transport themselves to the Ibiza Rocks Hotel to relive the magic of Rudimental, and get a taste of what to expect this summer.

Ibiza Rocks announced Rudimental as their 2019 residency, and for a taste of what to come, you can now relive their 2018 set featuring Anne-Marie from the iconic hotel.

Be there in the middle of  an amazing set packed with huge anthemic hits, high energy beats and the incredible vocals from chart favourite Anne-Marie. MelodyVR gives fans multiple viewpoints at their VR shows, putting music lovers in complete control. Fans choose and change their location at the venue – from deep in the crowd right up to being on stage with Rudimental themselves. There will be more to come from MelodyVR and Ibiza Rocks in 2019.

“This is mad bruv!”

Watch the boys react to seeing themselves in VR for the first time ever!

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Preview Rudimental’s new show Ft. Anne Marie here.