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MelodyVR shows US labels the shape of things to come

January is Grammy season and all month long, there’s talk of little else at the major US record labels. But this year, we gave the folks at Sony, Warner and Universal something new to get excited about – with their own special showcase of the MelodyVR experience.

In the run-up to the biggest music event of the year, we ran demos at each of these three labels – setting up shop at their NYC headquarters and inviting our industry friends along to see the possibilities of virtual reality. It was a chance for people to try a selection of our live, original and interactive experiences for themselves. And from start to finish, the response we got was nothing short of incredible.

“It’s been phenomenal to get such positive feedback from our friends in the music industry,” said Ben Samuels, our President and GM in North America. “These are the people who’ll help us take MelodyVR to the next level, get new artists on board and create even more amazing experiences for fans in the future. We’re so glad they’re as excited about the possibilities as we are”.