MelodyVR launches iOS and Android Beta + the MelodyVR Mobile Viewer

Today, we are one step closer to giving even more music fans around the world access to MelodyVR as we launch the closed Beta of our Android and iOS apps. Launching to the public later this summer, our mobile apps will have all the functionality of the MelodyVR platform, accessible via the technology we all have in our pockets – our smartphones.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s instore;

Watch in two different modes;

In VR mode, you’ll slot your phone into a mobile VR viewer and immerse yourself in the performance. It’s the best way to experience MelodyVR, get closer to the artist, and feel like you’re really there. If you don’t have a mobile viewer, or you’re not sure if virtual reality is for you just yet, watching on your phone is a great alternative. You’ll still be able to look around in 360°, by turning your phone, and switching Jump Spots to get the best view.

The MelodyVR viewer;

We’ve also been looking for a way to enable fans to have a high quality, low-cost fully immersive VR experience. Launching in 2020, our mobile VR viewer will soon be available to purchase in two ways: directly via our mobile app, or as part of a content bundle, where for an all-in-one price you get a mobile viewer, and access to a whole MelodyVR show.

Stay tuned to @melodyvirtual for news and updates on these exciting new developments.