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Sony Music partners with MelodyVR for groundbreaking content deal

An exciting new partnership for VR content creation.

We’ll work with Sony Music to create original VR experiences featuring the label’s extensive roster of talent.

The partnership will see hundreds of experiences released on MelodyVR – from recorded performances, to live streams, to interactive VR – giving fans unparalleled access to artists in new and otherwise unobtainable situations.

In this exciting year for VR, we will aim to provide music fans with fresh and exciting ways to engage with the artists and music that they love.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Sony Music and their outstanding team. Sony represent some of the world’s most innovative artists and labels and we look forward to working together to create groundbreaking content. This partnership means MelodyVR now has the full backing of all three major record labels which we believe is a milestone achievement”

–  Anthony Matchett, CEO (MelodyVR)